New Student Orientation

Michigan Naval ROTC

Welcome Class of 2018!


The University of Michigan Naval ROTC conducts a short 3-5 day orientation training at the beginning of each school year to provide the incoming midshipmen with an introduction into NROTC and the military in general.

During New Student Orientation, students are introduced to military customs and courtesies, organized physical fitness training and military life. Orientation is not military boot camp. Orientation is a short training period in which students complete administrative in-processing, receive uniforms and attend periods of instruction which will assist them in their transition into the Naval ROTC.

To assist you in assembling the items and paperwork necessary for your training and transition into the Naval ROTC, you should print out and follow the Required Action Checklist. A summary of the checklist is outlined below. Make sure to check back here continuously throughout the summer.

  1. Read the Welcome Letter from the Commanding Officer.
  2. Print out the Required Action Checklist and follow it.
  3. Complete all Required Action Forms and mail to UMNROTC by 15 July 2014.
  4. Bring the items from the Required Gear List with you on 27 Aug 2014.
  5. Read and adhere to Navy and Marine Corps:

If you have any questions, contact LT Love via email ( or at (734) 647-4584.

Be sure to complete the entire Required Action Checklist, including preparing physically for the PRT. Males shall get a military haircut while females shall learn to style their hair within regulations.

NROTC New Student Orientation Dates: 27-29 Aug 2014.