College Program

What is the College Program?

The College Program is a way for non-scholarship students, and current university students to join the unit while working towards earning a scholarship. Individuals in the College Program participate in unit events and apply for a scholarship while part of the unit. College Program Midshipmen do not have a financial or service obligation.

College Program students will be required to attend New Student Orientation conducted on campus the week prior to the start of the school year.

College Program Midshipmen who receive a scholarship will have the same benefits and service obligations as Midshipmen with a four-year scholarship.

If a Midshipman does not receive a scholarship by junior year, he/she may apply for advanced standing. If on advanced standing, a Midshipman will receive a monthly stipend and will be commissioned after graduation. Midshipmen on advanced standing do not receive a scholarship.

How do I apply for the College Program?

To apply for the College Program, you must currently attend or be accepted to either the University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University. The college program application checklist will assist you in preparing your application. Once you have completed all required forms, you will send the package directly to the University of Michigan Naval ROTC at:

ATTN: Freshman Advisor, 1050 Chemistry Building, 930 N. University, Ann Arbor MI. 48109-1055

If you are in the local area, you may also coordinate with the Freshman Advisor to drop off your package in person at the office.

Note: Please ensure you are meeting the SAT/ACT testing requirements of either University of Michigan or Eastern Michigan University. If you have already been accepted to the university, please include a printout of your SAT/ACT scores for our review.

Deadline: The final deadline for us to receive college program application packages is 15 June. Any packages received after this date will not be able to attend New Student Indoctrination in Great Lakes, IL. Late applications may be accepted with proper notification to the Freshman Advisor. If you have questions, please email

Note: You may have to download the actual forms onto your computer (not through Chrome or IE), then open them through Adobe in order to see the forms. To do this please right-click on the link you need to open, click “Save link as…”, and then open the document in Adobe Acrobat.