Current College Students

Program Information

Individuals entering their sophomore or junior years of college may apply for a scholarship through their college's NROTC Unit.  Applications must be received no later than 30 April.  If interested please contact:

Eligibility Requirements

Students applying for a two or three year scholarship must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have at least at least 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) but no more than 90 semester hours (135 quarter hours).
  • Must have a minimum college GPA of 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Must be admitted to or in process of gaining admittance to school affiliated with the NROTC Unit from which they are being nominated.
  • Students may apply for only one of two programs options; Navy or Nurse (not open to Marine Option applicants).

Scholarship Benefits

  • Full tuition
  • Stipend for text books
  • Monthly Stipend
    • Sophomore  $300/month
    • Junior  $350/month
    • Senior  $400/month

Application Process

  • Apply through the NROTC unit of your university
  • To apply you must complete the application below, obtain the required documents, and submit your application to the Professor of Naval Science at your university
  • The following documents can be found in the Documents page under the Prospective Students tab.
  • Contents of application:
    • Application Letter (see sample)
    • Signed and dated Personal Information Sheet
    • Current copy of  college transcripts
    • Letter of admission
    • Degree Plan
    • Statement of Understanding
    • Drug Statement
    • Debarment statement
    • Letters of reference (if you wish)
    • 2 or 3 Year Scholarship - Applicant Personal Data Record
      • Your application must be received by the NROTC Unit no later than 30 April.
      • The Professor of Naval Science will review and may forward you application to the scholarship selection board.
      • The Selection board meets at the end of June.
      • You will receive a letter notifying you of the results of the selection board.